Breaking Into The Field: Online Writing Jobs

One of the biggest problems I had when I first started with online content writing jobs came down to self-doubt: I didn’t know when I was good enough to start applying to higher paying and better quality jobs. I was taking one-off jobs from individual clients wanting to get a short blog or two written for their sites. Often times my clients weren’t very good writers or weren’t native English speakers, so the work was fairly simple because I knew I could improve upon anything they had to start with. Eventually, though I knew I had to take a leap and apply to something better. This is when I decided to turn to a professional agency.

Identify a Site that Specializes In Your Expert Areas
There are myriad jobs for writers out there. You can find anything from how-to guides to tip sheets to essays to technical reports. When you are applying to a professional agency you want to select one that specializes in providing customers with documents in the same format you are most comfortable with. If it’s a certain subject then make sure the agency offers this as a service you can contribute to.

Consider It’s Hiring Policies and Quality Control
Another important aspect to look out for is an agency’s hiring policies and quality control. With several agencies you will find online proofreading jobs that require error free expert work for their customers. This usually means that your own experience must be top-notch and likely require that hold an advanced degree in whatever discipline you claim to be experienced in. You will likely also have to take a short test before you land any projects, so be sure you spend enough time preparing ahead of time. WriteZillas is a great agency where you can get various jobs.

Develop Your Skills and Submit a Sample Portfolio
You may have several pieces stored on your computer which you have provided to private clients in the past which you can now use in a sample portfolio. Be very careful when selecting these pieces. When you are seeking editor jobs at home you need to make a positive impression within a minute or two. So any potential agency won’t spend too much time going over all your samples. Select only the best.

Take on Smaller Jobs and Work Your to Larger Ones
Finally, when you first start with an agency it’s important that you start by taking smaller jobs that you can easily handle without difficulty. Get used to the entire process from researching to writing to reviewing. Once you get the hang of it you can move on to larger and higher paying projects.

The only way to find success in this field is to really put yourself out there. There are several freelance writing jobs from home for beginners but you need to be fully prepared to conduct some extensive research and submit all of the material necessary to secure an extended position. I struggled for a few months to keep up with some of the demands in working with a professional, but after I took the time to develop a strategy that I just described above, I was able to land a position that paid well and had all the work I needed to make quite a bit of money.

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